This Grant Can Make a World of Difference This Grant Can Make a World of Difference
Who A lot of people are aware about government grant programs and very few people know that there are opportunities for private grants. Many... This Grant Can Make a World of Difference


A lot of people are aware about government grant programs and very few people know that there are opportunities for private grants. Many organizations provide funds to those in need. Modest Needs are highlighted in this article. This grant is aimed at helping individuals and families living pay check to pay check and is close to financial crisis, this non-profit organization leads a heartfelt mission. Short-term financial assistance to families living just above the poverty level and are struggling to make ends meet are provided by Modest Needs. It is possible these individuals do not qualify for conventional assistance but they still need support.


Support from Modest Needs is designed for individuals who work hard but have found themselves with nowhere else to turn for assistance.  They firmly believe in helping those that give back to their community such as public school teachers, first responders, veterans etc. The Modest Needs organization offers Self-Sufficiency Grants for those who qualify.  These funds cover two specific types of expenses including emergency expenses and monthly bills that an individual or family is unable to afford on their income.

How it works

Modest Needs suggests that you follow the following steps if you are interested in applying for their financial assistance:

Read the FAQs

  • You can do this by visiting the FAQ page on their website so as to find out about the organization and how the process works. Answers to questions such as who is eligible to apply for assistance? And what kind of assistance does Modest Needs offer? Will be found.


  • Once you have reviewed the FAQs and determined you fit the Modest Needs criteria, you can proceed to registration.  As an online organization, you must complete registration in order to apply and receive communication throughout the process regarding your application.   Registration takes just a few minutes but you must have an email account in order to do so.


  • You will see a button at the bottom of the page that says “Apply for Help Now” after you login to your Modest Needs account. You will then be given some tips on how to fill out the application and a link to complete the application.

Grants are provided with no strings attached if you are accepted and you do not need to refund the money given and there are no charges on the applicants. A policy where funds are never provided directly to the applicant is followed by Modest Needs. Payments are made to vendors or creditors named directly in the application.

Different than other grant programs, Modest Needs features specific stories of applicants on their homepage and social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.  Bringing these real stories to the forefront of their organization helps put a face to the extraordinary deserving individuals and families in need.  This helps struggling families gain awareness from those considering making a donation.

Another Way

You can visit the Modest Needs Resources Page if you do not qualify for the Modest Needs qualifications but you are in need of short-term financial assistance. You will find different organization that can assist you with your needs here.


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