Must Do Money Saving Tips Must Do Money Saving Tips
We have to look at our lifestyle to find ways to cut back when finances are tight. This does not mean huge sacrifices are... Must Do Money Saving Tips

We have to look at our lifestyle to find ways to cut back when finances are tight. This does not mean huge sacrifices are in order. Lots of changes can be made so as to squeeze more out of your pay check and still enjoy the fun things of life you are used to. You and your family will be helped efficiently when you implement a few of these adjustments to help you save more monthly.

Shop Second Hand

Shopping at second hand shops is something everyone should try at least once.  Nowadays, so many great second hand stores exist and are selling the same clothing styles found in stores.  You can find your favourite brands at highly discounted prices.  Often times, you can find items with the original tags still on them.  Your money goes a lot farther and for children and teens who grow out of their clothing quicker, it’s easier to afford.

The fact that you can sell your gently used, unwanted clothing for some easy money is another interesting part of second hand shops. You can also keep things in circulation by purchasing from your local thrift store that may have gone in to a landfill. You can benefit the environment by reusing and recycling.

Embrace Leftovers

Embracing leftovers can help you reduce food waste and save on groceries even though not everyone loves leftovers. It is understandable that people can get sick of eating the same thing repeatedly for days but this is not an excuse for avoiding leftovers. A different spin should be put on them, kick it up a notch by adding different ingredients. Super Cook helps you create recipes based on the ingredients you have in your house; check that out.

Hot Water Heater

A big chunk of your utility bill goes to your water heater. Look for ways to use it more efficiently and try to save also. You can do this by simply lowering the temperature on your water heater  and you will be saving 3-5%.

Visit Your Local Library

Libraries have a lot to offer and costs you nothing!  Books, movies, music and software are all things you can enjoy when you join your local library.  Equipped with computers and free WiFi, you can use this space to get work done or relax with a good book.  One of the greatest benefits of the library are the free classes they offer.  Often times these classes are a great way to get free assistance, boost your resume or just expand your knowledge on an interesting topic.  Lastly, libraries are a great place to take your kids.  Take advantage of the free children’s programs and meet people in your community.


You may not realize how much clutter is costing you. When you have too many items, using each of them to their maximum capacity is difficult. Therefore, free yourself of unnecessary stuff not buying and rebuying things you already possess. This is also a good way to free up space, decrease stress and help you earn some extra cash. There are lots of apps you can download in order to sell these unwanted items in a short while. Your social media pages can also be used as a means of marketing and advertising these items you want to get rid of.

Post-Holiday Shopping

Shopping the days after a major holiday can be extremely smart.  Most holiday related items are sold at highly discounted deals.  It may be difficult to rationalize spending money on something you won’t need for another year but it’s completely worth it!! Whether you’re eyeing decorations, gifts, toys, games – you’ll be thankful you thought ahead when the time comes next year.

You can use these penny-pinching steps to improve your financial stability and build your savings. You will love seeing the extra cash flow once you get started and will be eager to continue your new found hobby.


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