How to Find Assistance Applying for Disability How to Find Assistance Applying for Disability
Social security disability (SSD) can be incredibly helpful when you have a medical condition that has disabled you permanently or for the long-term. The... How to Find Assistance Applying for Disability

Social security disability (SSD) can be incredibly helpful when you have a medical condition that has disabled you permanently or for the long-term. The monthly stipends you get when you apply for SSD and get approved will be able to help sustain and maintain your medical bill payments, medical costs and general living expenses. It is also possible for your dependents to be eligible for the benefits provided they are deemed needed in order for the family to cover daily expenses and maintain standards of living.

Depending on your medical status and family situation, completing the disability application process can be more involved than you’d like to deal with; the entire process can take a while. There are resources available to you, however, to make the process easier. Below, we’ll review and discuss how to find assistance applying for disability so that you can obtain access to this helpful resource when you need it the most.

Social Services

In the period of your admission to the hospital or when you are actively during treatment for a medical condition, social services are often offered and this is definitely an assistance you should consider. You and your family can be helped with social service to navigate the sometimes complicated SSD system and complete the necessary paperwork. Partnering with a social worker can also help to connect you with other valuable resources that can help you with your disability.

SSA Representatives

SSA office does offer representatives to assist you with your application and help walk you through the process of applying for your SSD. You’re able to meet with SSA representatives through either a local office or by phone at 800-772-1213. The SSA office will allow you to send representation in your place, as well, if you are unable to make meetings due to your medical or physical limitations.

It’s recommended that you visit your local SSA office when you decide to file initially so they can help you begin the process. Doing so; this way will also allow you to establish a protected filing date. This means that once your application is approved, you can possibly obtain back pay starting from the date you began your filing.

Friends and Family

In the process of applying for SSD, the assistance of family and friends can be incredibly valuable. This is because your friends and family are able to complete your paperwork, attend meetings and make phone calls on your behalf. The SSI office will contact you to arrange if there is a need for any paperwork to be signed. 

Lawyers and Advocates

There are lawyers and advocates that exist to help disable people with their disability claims. There are a lot of lengthy work and parts when it comes to applying for SSD; an advocate can provide counsel, direction, help with documentation, obtain necessary evidence and help with appeals and denials if necessary. Do not reject the opportunity to have someone who truly understands the process to help guide you through it.

A disability lawyer will also be able to assist you in presenting your case before a judge. This can sometimes be in court, but is usually in writing. You are able to represent yourself; however, the process will be easier and more straightforward when you partner with someone more familiar.


Your physician should be your primary advocate when dealing with your disability. Your physician can help you complete your application when you receive your disability diagnosis; this process can include the physician helping you to gather evidence of your condition, helping you to complete forms and gathering and submitting required records. It’s important that you retain regular and open communication with your physician throughout the process so they can assist you. The SSA will also contact your physician for further information while they are processing your application.


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